The Glass Lift

The Glass Lift

The Glass Lift


  • Re-work of existing design
  • Inclusion of sliders, testimonials and simplified events

Having worked with The Glass Lift before, they approached me for a update and re-design of their front-facing site. The site previously had been amended over time, causing it to be cluttered, messy and difficult to navigate.

The home page before:

The Glass Lift before

The home page after:

The Glass Lift after

The update I provided kept The Glass Lift’s simple grey and striking colour scheme, but simplified it into bands of colour. I removed the complicated backgrounds which were causing screen and reading issues and opted to keep one of the backgrounds as an accent at the top of every page to complete the web design.

Contact page before:

contact before

Contact page after:

contact page after

Having simplified the content, The Glass Lift team requested the addition of post sliders and testimonials to add extra content to each page. These additions were again simple but added an extra interactive element to the site.

The Glass Lift team requested each page wording be updatable by them – this was achieved so that they could make sure the site was fresh and up to date whenever they required.

Overall, the site runs faster, is easier to use for the team and most importantly, is easy to navigate for the website visitor.

home page

To see more of the site, go here: