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About me

Hi, I'm Gina

Hi, I’m Gina and I’m pretty sure design is in my blood.

It wasn’t always this way, growing up in an artists' household may well have pushed me away from it. My parents ran their own graphic design business frome home, and so I was surrounded with computers and the smell of fresh print.

Unsure what to do with my life, I pursued a career in writing by studying Creative Writing at University. Not long after this, I realised that design was where the heart is and so joined the family business.

A fea years down the line, I made the decision to go at it alone. This is when I started GG Digital and fully embraced my upbringing. I guess we really do become our mothers.

My interests

Design is my passion and so it seeps into my home life as well.

I’m a lover of all things minimal, from simple furniture with purpose, to ultra calming artwork.

Travel is the key to a balanced life. My favourite places to explore with my husband are in mainland Europe. Vienna, Berlin and Munich are my second homes.

My two cats are my life companions. They are beautiful, unique and very talkative.

Who can forget the age old designer’s companion - coffee. A self-confessed coffee snob, I love a lightly roasted bean, an espresso and a beautifully simple cup.

I’m a lover of self-improvement and productivity. If I can make my life easier with the help of technology, I will do it. Currently our obsession is Google Home and home automation.

About Gina Lucia

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Who I work with

When working on larger or more specialist projects, I sometimes enlist the help of some particularly talented people. The following is a curated list of freelancers I love to work with. They are talented, work well with me and are very reliable.

Sal Godfrey - Blogging & Social Media

Sal Godfrey - Blogging & Social Media

A successful blogger herself, Sal helps small independent businesses use blogging as a marketing tool to promote themselves online. She can work with you to develop a content strategy and build the skills necessary to do the work yourself, or take it all off your hands! She also runs a Twitter community for independent businesses, @bathindiechat, and provides coaching in getting the best results from Twitter and Instagram.