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I don’t create ‘just websites’. I solve your digital problems.

The above phrasing is very specific. You can build your own website using a drag and drop system. You can buy a ready-made template from an online store. But your website is the face of your business and it needs to work its butt off for you.

So, are you looking for a website that:

* Gets you new clients for your creative business
* Increases your newsletter sign ups
* Encourages your visitors to purchase your new product line
* Makes it hard to resist giving you a call so you can get to coaching them

Whatever the reason for your new website, it should do more than just sit there and look pretty.

What's included in your website

  • A completely unique and professional website design that raises your online presence and complements your business
  • A website that appeals to your customers/clients
  • A website that focuses on your 'call to action' and appeals to your target market
  • A website that's designed to your brief and copy, with adjustments to achieve your goals
  • A website that is responsive and working on all mobile devices and screen sizes
  • A website that has been coded with the latest best practice and security in mind
  • A 6-10 week design and coding process depending on the size of the website
  • Basic SEO (search engine optimisation) integration at startup - further work as an add-on
  • Aftercare support to ensure your website is up to date and secure - as an add-on
Included in your website design

My 3-step process

From our first meeting to website launch, I have a tried and tested 3-step process I like to use. The process ensures that all our targets are met, that the project stays on schedule and that we are in constant communication.

1. I ask the right questions

It’s important for me as a designer to understand the needs of your new website from the get go. It’s also important that you enjoy figuring out what that is. I work to send you questionnaires, a brief document and meet with you to make sure all this is covered.

2. I make communication easy

As soon as we get started, I set us up on a project management website. There we can share files, start topic threads, and it’s here that I create a calender schedule to keep us on track. Also, I’m only a phone call away should we need to chat.

3. I put you first

Your business is exactly that - yours. My highest priority when working with you is to make sure that when we finish, your website looks how you want it to look, and functions how you want it to function. With my design and functionality expertise, we can achieve this together.

My website design package

My website design package

Your website

You have your logo and brand styling set up and all you need now is a kick butt website to top it all off.

So let's get to work rounding off your brand with a fantastic website that gets you results and gives your customers/clients the best experience possible.

Investment: £3,000

What's included?

  • Responsive website design for a homepage and up to 5 other pages
  • Blog setup if required
  • Setup of Terms, Privacy etc pages if required
  • 3 stages of design including style moodboard, wireframes and final website design
  • 3 rounds of changes across different stages
  • Basic SEO setup and configuration
  • Training session on using your website if required
  • After launch support for any problems and further work
  • Average timeline of 6-10 weeks

N.B: All pages are subject to client providing written content and images. If the client can't provide these, I can include it within the quote.